Global Health news roundup

May 13, 2016
This week, TWiGH looks at the weekly top global health stories grabbing headlines around the world. Did you know that raising the minimum purchasing age for cigarettes is a great preventative method for tobacco use? And that abstinence is not an effective HIV preventative method? In other news, Australia's government is slashing funding to their only youth-led sexual health organization and that MSF is pulling out of participation in the first ever World Humanitarian Summit. What does this all mean for global health? You can always tweet your questions or opinions about these stories at @TwighTeam!
Stories mentioned can be found at the following links:
1. Air pollution: Benefits of cycling and walking outweigh harms - study (
2. California raises smoking age to 21 (
3. Abstinence fails to prevent HIV ( and #saveYEAH
4. MSF pulls out of Humanitarian Summit (

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